(152): All the Single Ladies!

(All the single ladies…now put your hands up!)

Ok, I’m sorry. I had to.

I’m hoping maturity comes at 25.

I never thought I’d write one of these posts. I think this is a first. Previously, whenever I wrote about being single, I think it was more in the realm of using this time as “marriage preparation.” (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. I’m kind of a serial blogger, so I could just be recycling material.)

But this is going to be different.

This isn’t going to be a “chin up, kid, you’ll make it” speech in lieu of wedding season, or a “how-to” guide on executing the perfect elbow-throwing, bouquet catching strategy. (Although, that would be sweet.)

Neither is this going to be a bra-burning, independence anthem, building a false sense of identity in the idea that we need to “make it on our own.”

Alright, when is she going to get to what it is going to be about?

I know–it’s coming.

I’m just going to be real with you. Sometimes, it sucks being single. Sometimes, there are times where I just want someone who will pay for my movie ticket.

“C’mon God, can’t I just go on a date so I don’t have to pay TEN DOLLARS every time I wanna see a movie?” 

Life after that student discount is ROUGH.

But today, I just want to revel in the good things that come with–the wait.

You know, THE wait. The one that “true love” has been holding out for, that’s been personified on sterling silver rings on the fingers of teenagers across the nation. The one that we’re told is worth it, the same way Loreal tries to sell us cheap shampoo.

The one we’ve been told since BIRTH to trudge through, until our prince comes and wakes us from a sleeping curse, or saves us from a life we despise.

But why is “the wait” something that we have to survive? 

This post probably should be about how, while I wait for my future husband, I will cultivate in myself qualities that will make for a good wife. There will be time for that post, and like I said, I’m pretty sure I already wrote it, once upon a time.

But tonight, I am praising the Lord in that, I don’t have to share my bed tonight.

I spread out, man. There will be mornings where I literally wake up in the shape of an “X,” as if I was trying to reach the four corners of my bed. Not only will I feel guilty, when the day comes that I will have to subject another person to that, I will probably feel even more guilty, when I secretly wish that he could just find somewhere else to sleep FOR ONCE, and leave me to my subconscious yoga.

I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. (relatively speaking)

For instance, there is no one bothering me right now to give them attention while I write this blog. Not that husbands are just attention-sucking leeches, but when I’m in a marriage relationship, it would probably be in my best interest to, I don’t know, spend time with the man on a regular basis, and right now I have all the free time in the world to write blogs and to NOT do all of the Pinterest projects that I find.

On the flip side, I hope that whoever he is, is playing a video game or something, and enjoying the fact that right now, he doesn’t have anyone like me needing him to listen to a rant about the state of Hollywood or why Rihanna has a record deal, and I don’t. (Because a day will come where that will not only be appreciated, but expected.)

Talk to any married couple, and I’m sure you’ll discover a few more gems about the single life that you never really thought to appreciate before. Not that married couples just like to sit around and complain about their “ball and chain”–I’m sure for every  one “complaint” there are many more blessings about having a life-long partner. But I just don’t want to get there and wish that I’d enjoyed this time a little bit more, or done that one thing before I tied the knot.

So when “he” finally “puts a ring on it,” (I’m so sorry) I won’t look back for a second, because I’ll be ready for the next adventure in my life, not regretting a thing about this one.

2 thoughts on “(152): All the Single Ladies!

  1. Beautiful perspective.The best perspective. Contentment in your current state is the only to cultivate growth. Discontentment will make you anxious and hasty. Can’t wait to see you in 48 hours.

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