New York Nose Piercing #30b430

#5 “Get Nose Pierced” and #6 “Go to NYC”


Let me tell you about the time I got my nose pierced in NYC. First, a bit of backstory.  Because I’m turning 30 in 26 months, I’ve decided to have more adventure. To hear more thoughts behind this venture click HERE. I’ll wait.

All caught up? Ok good. So I’m in New York with my friend Lauren, and we just finished eating lunch after a spirit-filled morning at C3 Brooklyn. We step into Top Shop to do some shopping, or if you’re broke like me, it’s called “browsing.” So we’re standing in the check out line, I make a not-so-off-hand comment about how I’ve been thinking about getting my nose pierced for a while–years even, and there have been a few people who were surprised to learn that I DIDN’T have it already, because it would totally “suit my face.”

IMG_1338 2.JPG

“You should do it while you’re here.”

Lauren says the magic words that I was subconsciously fishing to hear. I’ve had variations of this conversation so many times before, but have always talked myself out of it. I didn’t really expect this time to be any different.


But this time WAS different. I was standing in New York City. A place that I’ve have multiple conversations about visiting, but have always managed to use the state of my bank account, and the fear of being irresponsible, to talk myself out of coming. But I was here. I took the leap and I spent the money that I could have saved, and I came here.

Besides, getting it done in NY would make for a much better story.

This is what #30b430 is all about. Doing things instead of just talking about things. So I did it. We asked the girl at the counter where she got her piercing, Lauren promised to get one too, so I had the correct amount of peer pressure, and we were off.

After dodging a few slightly sketchy offers to get pierced on the streets of SoHo, we found solace in an indoor piercing shop with a super nice lady who answered all of our questions and made us feel totally at ease. A few moments, and a little (lot) blood later, we were off with a few extra holes in our faces.


“Do you feel different” Lauren asked. “No,” I reply. “I actually feel like this was missing from my face.”

It sounds weird, and maybe it’s a little spacey, but it wasn’t like getting bangs, or that one time I had Lisa Bonet braids. I didn’t feel like I needed to get used to it, or that I needed to adjust my style to fit my new hair do. It really did feel like “me.”

It was the linchpin that kind of capped off how I felt about the whole trip. Many people warned me about New York, told me stories of how they felt overwhelmed, or how it was “overrated,” but I didn’t feel any of those things. Being in New York felt like exactly where I could find my place. I didn’t feel like a new person once I left, either. I just felt like the person that I am, makes a lot more sense there.

I don’t feel like New York is what I’ve been missing, I feel like New York has been missing me.

Whether or not I end up there, I’m not sure. God only knows. I know that I want to be where HE is, first and foremost. But so far the journey that I’ve embarked on to have more experiences has been proven to be a good one.


So #5 “Get nose pierced” and #6 “Go to New York” are already in the bag! I didn’t get to #1 “See a Broadway show” or #7 “Busk in the Subway station in NY” checked off, so it looks like I’ll be going back soon. 😉



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